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What is XMPP? XMPP is not messenger. XMPP is a federated messengers network.The main goal of XMPP is to unite all instant messengers into a single communication network. XMPP was created as a replacement for email.The extensible structure XMPP makes it easy add new messengers to the protocol as extensions. XMPP clients are instant messengers that support connection to XMPP federation. XMPP clients are instant messengers that support connection to XMPP federation. XMPP servers are connection routers between messengers

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Server info

Location: France, city Roubaix IPv4 IPv6

XMPP Hostname: xmpp.404.city Ports: 5223 (TLS) 5222 (StartTLS)

Sertificate: IM observatory score

XEP support :

File storage size: 2000 Mb

File storage time: 7 days

Messanges storage time: 7 days

Group chat's: chat.404.city

Storage time in group chat: 1 days (XEP-0313) or last 100 messenges / 7 days (XEP-0160)

Limit in group chat: 1 messages per 1 second

Communities 404 city

🇺🇸 English chat 🇨🇳 中文聊天 🇷🇺 Русский чат 🇪🇸 Chat español 🇫🇷 Chat français 🇩🇪 Deutscher Chat 🇸🇦 دردشة عربية 🇯🇵 日本のチャット 🇧🇷 Bate-papo em português 🇵🇱 Polski czat

* *User language communities are managed by other users and are not a support contact

Some of our advantages server 404.city

Server is included in the 7 largest public XMPP servers with open statistics in the world We try to provide a good balance between privacy and usability.

Base spam protection

Server do not accept messages without a subscription

DNSSEC enable

ISP Cannot Replace DNS Response and direct you to the wrong ip-address

Support video calls

Support compatibility with client Conversations. Support for video and audio calls in XMPP

Only safe c2s connections

We do not allow to connect to the server does not use encryption. You do not need to think about the type of your Internet connections. We discard any unencrypted connections.

MITM protection for S2S connections

99% of XMPP servers use encryption, but will not verify certificates. We use harsh methods of checking s2s connections. We do not allow the use of untrusted certificates, self-signed certificates, outdated encryption and insecure s2s dialback certificate verification

384-bit ECC

Strong, state-of-the-art encryption optimized to save battery power on mobile devices. Reliable protection against hacking public Wi-Fi and espionage of Internet providers

Auto deletion of abandoned and lost accounts.

If you have lost access to your account, we will not store your private data forever. All data for lost accounts is automatically deleted.

DNSSEC enable

ISP Cannot Replace DNS Response and direct you to the wrong ip-address

Since 2015 year

We are time tested. We are not blockheads who forget to renew a domain, certificate or hosting

HttpUpload 1Gb & 7 day storage time

You can share with your friends archives with photos and home videos

Powerful equipment

CPU: 8 core 3.4 GHz Intel Xeon, RAM 8GB. Now our server is ready to host more than 10,000 users online. We have taken care of extensibility and will not fall if there are more users.

Fault-tolerance technology

Ejabberd + PostgreSQL. We use professional software ready for industrial use . This software has been successfully used by large companies such as WhatsApp and Facebook

Secure password storage

We do not know your passwords. Passwords are stored as salted hash

Protection from impostors

We allow to use only Latin (A-Z) in username. We do not allow the creation username with eastern european symbols (А-Я) similar to Latin symbols

Uptime 99.9%.

You can be sure that we will do our best to make the server available

No message logs

Your messages are automatically deleted from the server after 7 days

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