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​​ 404 ​​city ​​is ​​a enclave of cyberpunks​​ in the federation ​​XMPP ​​
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Our mission is to promote new technologies, protect privacy and protection of human rights. When you yourself encrypt your messages and using jabber, we can not know what you're talking about. Protect freedom of speech using the best e2e encryption algorithms : PGP OMEMO OTR



With whom should I talk?
Russian community & Conferences search Server Location France IM observatory score

The recommended software for connecting to a jabber
The software support send files, Message Carbons and OMEMO
Android: Convesations F-Droid (free) & Google Play (pay)
Debian 9 / Ubuntu: apt-get install gajim-omemo
(for file transfer, install module httpUpload through the settings)
Windows: https://gajim.org

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